Press Release – Donating 100% of April 2017 Profits to Support SAAM

I’m so excited to see my first press release! I don’t think that it could be for a better cause!


April is Significant to Hidden in the Dark

I am definitely pushing to launch my book too soon. Everyone close to my project probably thinks I’ve lost my mind. After all, I don’t have the big fan base built yet to properly propel a new book into instant record sales.

Why so soon? Well, for one thing, the book is done. As in – I don’t want to change a thing, can’t stand to look at it another minute, done.  And, if I wait to organically build the following that I need, I may be waiting a very long time.  I’m not into “buying” fans, so that option is out. So why April 1st?

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The family in my new psychological thriller “Hidden in the Dark”, suffers from the pain of abuse of perhaps the worst kind – sexual abuse of a child by a parent. The very subject of sexual abuse is an extremely uncomfortable one for many. But for the victim, it’s often excruciating, especially if  he or she hasn’t had the opportunity to begin the healing process.

When I began to write “Hidden in the Dark”, I had no idea the main characters would be victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and child abuse. I’m not the kind of writer who prepares an outline prior to creating a story. Rather, the characters told me their stories as we went along. There were several points in the process that I questioned whether the words were too much. I knew that the book would be shocking. I felt disturbed even as I put the words onto paper. Several of my beta readers felt the same, but they quickly reassured me that the severity was necessary to tell the story.

As the story developed, I began to wonder how adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse manage to…well, survive. Continue reading April is Significant to Hidden in the Dark

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Hidden in the Dark

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If I Succeed Will I Have to Sacrifice My Firstborn Child?

Do you have invisibilitis? In case you aren’t familiar with the disease, it is a debilitating condition that renders the afflicted weakened and benign, often afraid to shine too brightly or sing too loudly. Just for the record, I have a slight case of invisibilitis….Okay, I might have made the word up, so don’t go pestering Google. You probably won’t find anything.

The condition flares up, like a bad case of diarrhea, whenever I threaten to do something truly magnificent. Invisibilitis manifests itself as the deep, irrational fear that IF I succeed (for example, my novel is a hit), THEN something equally awful will happen (one of my children will be picked off by the imaginary vultures in the sky, or I’ll get cancer).

It’s the self-sabotaging voice in my head that tries to discourage me from taking big (or small) creative risks. It’s the same whisper in my head that told me not to raise my hand in class, for fear of being wrong. Continue reading If I Succeed Will I Have to Sacrifice My Firstborn Child?

Hidden in the Dark – Out in the Light Soon!

As you can probably tell from the bits and pieces of things lying around, my website is still under construction. But very soon, the first few chapters of my new book, Hidden in the Dark, will be available for download! I’m so excited to get this out to everyone who has been patiently waiting.

Even better, beginning on the 1st of March and running through the 8th of March, ten signed and autographed copies of Hidden in the Dark will be given away!  As soon as I am able, I will post the link to enter.

The book will be available for purchase April 1st (no joke – sorry, I couldn’t resist) in both a paperback version and e-book form.  I can’t wait!