We are making it easier to help victims of sexual abuse!

In my book, Hidden in the Dark, the characters are victims of childhood sexual abuse. They cope with the aftermath in some extremely unhealthy ways, which makes for a very entertaining story.

In real life, I wanted to get more involved in helping to prevent abuse and to increase awareness. Late last month, I announced that I would be donated 100% of my profits from my book sales from the month of April to https://laurenskids.org/.  While I’m excited to be able to contribute in this way, I don’t feel that it’s enough.

I placed a link in the menu above to Lauren’s Kids, where you can join the movement and/or donate.  There are so many ways to help out, and this site is a great resource! https://laurenskids.org/join-donate/

Please get involved today – you can make a difference. Become aware of the signs of child abuse and sexual abuse. You might be the voice that a child needs.